Catnip vs Valerian

Have you fallen for one (or more!) Azure & Gaia toys but you don't know which filling to choose? Catnip, valerian, both? Here is a short guide to help you make your choice.

Catnip is also called “catmint”, catnip or even “catnip” (not to be confused with catnip which has digestive properties).

It is an aromatic plant of the same family as mint. In its toys, Azure & Gaia uses natural dried catnip (grown and harvested in France).

When inhaled by the cat, it causes a euphoric effect on him. It is nepetalactone , a component present in the plant, which seems responsible for this behavior in your feline.

How do cats react to catnip?

By inhaling a toy filled with catnip, your cat will undoubtedly start licking it, chewing it, rubbing it, rolling on the floor… in short, it will have a great time !

Only one in three cats would be insensitive to the effects of catnip 1 (as well as kittens, before 6 months).

If your cat is part of this minority, maybe you can turn to valerian ?

Unlike catnip, it is here the root of the plant, dried, which is used. The valerian used in Azure & Gaia toys is grown in Europe and guaranteed pesticide-free!

The cat would this time be attracted by actinidin. Therefore, if you have a cat that is insensitive to catnip, it may be worth testing the effects of valerian. Inhaled, it will cause, like catnip, a euphoric and stimulating effect in cats.

When the cat smells a toy filled with valerian, you will be able to observe effects comparable to catnip, but the time of excitement is generally shorter, and then gives way to a phase of appeasement and calm of your tomcat. .

Know that these two plants are neither harmful nor toxic for your cat and they are not habit-forming ! In both cases, after a few minutes, the cat calms down and goes about its (many!) occupations until its next play session!

For now, Azure & Gaia offer you to fill your toys with catnip, valerian or both!

But be aware that there are other plants that can contribute to your cat's well-being, such as matabi, which the shop may offer in the future!

Finally, in order to best preserve the effects of the catnip and/or valerian present in your toys, Azure & Gaia advises you to keep them between each play session in a small, tightly closed bag.

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