The 8 essentials to welcome your cat at home!

First of all, it is important to know that welcoming a cat into your home is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It's a long-term commitment (and I know what I'm talking about, my cat just turned 18 ♥). You will be responsible for his well-being and health throughout his life.

It is therefore essential to be sure that you can meet your needs, and I'm not going to lie to you, this can cost money (food, veterinary care, litter, accessories, etc.). Before you get a cat, make sure you can be there for it and give it the care and attention it deserves .

Now that your decision is carefully considered , here, in my opinion, are the 8 essential elements so that your new four-legged companion lacks nothing:

1. A litter box (and litter box):

Cats are very clean animals and need a place to do their business. A litter box is therefore essential for your cat. Place the litter box in a quiet place, without too much traffic or commotion. There are different types of litter (clumping, crystal, biodegradable, etc.). Don't hesitate to try several to determine which one will suit you and your cat best.

2. Bowls for food and water:

You will need containers to feed your cat and give it fresh water (remember to change it regularly). Choose containers that are easy to clean. It is recommended to place the water bowl and the food bowl in different locations.

3. Cat food:

It is important to choose a quality diet for your cat that meets its nutritional needs. You can opt for dry food, wet food, or a combination of both. Ask your veterinarian for advice on which food is best for your cat.

4. A scratching post:

Cats need to scratch their claws to maintain them and mark their territory. If you don't want to see your furniture go to shreds, then a scratching post is essential ;) There are rope (sisal), corrugated cardboard, wall-mounted, etc.

5. Toys for cats:

Cats are playful animals and need toys to stimulate their curiosity and maintain good physical activity. Among the most popular toys for cats are mice, cartons, fishing rods, balls, etc. At Azure & Gaia, our toys are handmade in France and are filled with catnip, valerian or a mixture of the two.

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6. A bed:

It's well known that a cat sleeps a lot (on average 12 to 16 hours per day)! This is why they need a comfortable and quiet place. You can choose a basket, a cushion or even a cozy and comfortable teepee for your cat. And why not personalize your bed ? 😉

7. A brush:

Cats need to be brushed regularly to prevent tangles and hairballs. It is therefore essential to choose a brush adapted to your cat's hair type. Also consider investing in nail clippers, especially for cats that live indoors.

8. A crate/carrying bag:

Finally, the last essential: a crate or transport bag to take your cat on vacation or to the veterinarian! It is an essential equipment to ensure the safety of your cat during transportation. Opt for a size adapted to the size of your cat and easy to transport.
In summary, welcoming a cat is a serious commitment that requires preparation and thought. Once you're ready, provide him with the essentials so he can thrive in your home.
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