Plants that are dangerous for your cat

Whether indoors or outdoors, some plants are toxic, even deadly, to your cats.
Normally, your cat knows what is good, or not, for him. He should not ingest these plants.
However, it is prudent not to take any risks.
Here is a list, non-exhaustive , plants that your cat should not eat.

Indoor plants:

indoor plants that are dangerous for your cats

Alocasia > irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, difficulty swallowing, vomiting...

Chlorophytum > Kidney damage that can lead to death.

Dracaena > May cause vomiting, loss of appetite, hyper salivation, listlessness.

Ficus > In case of contact with the latex contained in this plant: digestive disorders, hyper salivation, kidney damage.

Potos > Digestive and/or respiratory disorders.

Monstera > hyper salivation, respiratory problems, vomiting...

Sanseveria > local irritations, digestive disorders, risk of nervous symptoms if consumed in large quantities.

Outdoor plants:

outdoor plants that are dangerous for your cats

Azalea > hyper salivation, weakness, frequent deaths.

Chrysanthemums > digestive disorders

Crocuses > digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, convulsions...

Digital > heart trouble

Hydrangea > Asphyxiation which can lead to death.

Holly > Pay particular attention to berries which can cause digestive and/or nervous disorders. If swallowed, coma or even death.

Ferns > hemorrhagic diarrhoea.

Hyacinths > vomiting and diarrhea

Ivy > In particular the ivy producing berries which can cause digestive and/or respiratory disorders.

Oleander > Extremely toxic. Digestive, cardiac, respiratory, nervous disorders. Asphyxiation which can lead to death.

Lily of the valley > Very toxic. Causes heart problems, vomiting, convulsions, hyper salivation.

Jasmine / False Jasmine > digestive disorders, and sometimes neuromuscular, hyper salivation...

Daffodils > Digestive disorders, hypersalivation...

Tulips > Digestive, neurological disorders...

In the kitchen / vegetable garden:

Foods that are dangerous for your cats

Garlic > toxic in all its forms: diarrhea, vomiting, blood in the urine...

Chives > Same toxicity as garlic or onion

Shallots > digestive, respiratory problems...

Onions > dark urine, apathy, vomiting, diarrhoea, respiratory problems...

Parsley > toxic if ingested in large quantities.

Tomato plants > hyper salivation, loss of appetite, digestive disorders, weaknesses, heart problems...

Rhubarb > neurological disorders

⚠ In case of doubt or ingestion ⚠
Contact your veterinarian (or veterinarian) as soon as possible, describing the symptoms observed and identifying the plant in question.

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