• Toys and accessories for cats are made in France, in Paris.

  • All Azure & Gaia creations are handmade.

  • Reused fabric scraps

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My name is Zoe. I have always loved creating with my hands.

After obtaining my degree in architecture, I decided to embark on the great adventure of entrepreneurship by opening my online store.

My studies allowed me to develop my creativity , while showing precision and rigour .

Azure & Gaia allows me to combine two passions: creation and cats!

Azure & Gaia creations are made from quality materials , carefully chosen and purchased from French suppliers.

But at Azure & Gaia nothing is wasted! This is why we offer you several creations made from upcycled fabric scraps. You will recognize them thanks to the "upgraded fabrics" sticker on the product photo.

I started creating toys for my cats then those of my family, my friends... Following their positive feedback, and my growing desire to create, the shop was born in September 2019.

Play being essential for the cat, Azure & Gaia toys contribute to their good development .

With their clean and modern design , each product is carefully thought out for your cats but also for the pleasure of the eyes of their masters.

All toys and accessories are handmade in my workshop in Paris.

Azure, is a Chartreux who has been purring by my side for 17 years. And Gaia, a scottish fold, 10 years old now.

They are the first testers of Azure & Gaia toys and accessories.

Thanks to them, they are constantly improved to best meet your requirements and those of your cats!

If you want to know more, I answered Alice's questions from the @lapattedudigital instagram account!